Security Information and Event Management


    Assisting with security and audit compliance are the core functions of the SIEM.


    By centralising the logs from various systems, allows for a unified logs in chronological order to assist with identifying down to the millisecond what has failed, and when it has failed.

    Being able to see the full picture across the different components in the infrastructure help to break down the exact chain of events which could have cascaded from multiple systems.


    By having a full overview of system logs across both routers, switches and virtual machines, means that it also tracks what users are doing across the various devices.

    By tracking what files have been accessed or what commands have been run, it can be used to identify when and what users made changes to configuration.


    Identifying what underlying systems were rife with activity is critical to understanding how issues could cascade from one device to another.

    Having the data centralised may reveal hidden actions during the specified time frame of investigation, without having triggered any alerts.

    Being able to have the whole view infrastructure as an overview helps create a larger picture of how the errors can integrate with one another.

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