Australian Energy Cyber Security Framework (AECSF)

Benefit from our experience helping new and existing plans progress along the various Maturity Indicator Levels outlined by the Australian Energy Cyber Security Framework.

How we can help

With rich national experience, benefit from our deep knowledge in the intersection between cyber security and the energy sector coupled with our business experience to assist your organisation to more easily adopt the Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework.

Compliance Planning

Because each organisation and plant is different, each will require a different compliance plan. We work closely with you to optimise this plan to your current priorities, timeframes and budget. This may include tackling compliance over a number of phases or simply mapping out a plan so you understand what would be involved to progress across the frameworks various Maturity Indicator Levels.

Ongoing Compliance Support

Receiving ongoing support to maintain your compliance or continue your compliance journey as part of our Compliance and Cyber Security Umbrella, or our Life-Cycle Management Program. The programs can maximise your plants uptime and revenue generation.

Practices & Processes

Achieving increased Maturity in the AESCSF will usually require improved practices and procedures. Don’t recreate the wheel and let us assist by providing pre-approved documentation to minimise the time and effort to improve your compliance.


Benefit from a fresh set of eyes looking over your plant/s. AEMO’s Cybersecurity Framework is comprised of 11 key domains, each with their own list of sub-domains and action items. With a strong background in Cyber-Security, the Energy sector and the AESCSF framework - OpusV Power is well positioned to provide an insightful audit of your current systems along with helpful next step options and implications.

Cybersecurity Framework Hardware

Whilst current requirements under the framework demand certain hardware performance minimums, these demands are likely to increase in complexity over time. Whilst some of these may be as simple as switching a piece of equipment, it may be as complex as changing the very fundamentals of how your network is designed and fibre cables have been run. We are well versed in various ways to achieve increasing framework compliance and tailoring these to your plant.

Cyber Security Framework Software

Increasing your plants maturity levels is likely to require an assortment of new softwares. This could include better managing users and system access. Or providing increased visibility and control over each of your plants devices. It may include automating more tasks as well as better protecting your backups from infection. Regardless of your plants needs and goals, our industry specific knowledge can help you now and for years to come navigate these increasing options and requirements.

Australian Energy Cyber Security Framework (AECSF) Domains

Regardless of which domain, we've got decades of experience in industrial networks and cyber security technologies and techniques to support your new or existing plant.

Risk Management

Cybersecurity Program Management

Asset, Change and Configuration Management

Identity and Access Management

Information Sharing and Communications

Threat and Vulnerability Management

Situational Awareness

Event and incident response, continuity of operations

Supply Chain and External Dependencies Management

Workforce Management

Australian Privacy Management

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