Uptime & Reliability

Benefit from our experience to increase the reliability of your plant and ensure it stays live.

A young man holding a tablet while inspecting a server rack for issues.
A young man holding a tablet while inspecting a server rack for issues.

Designing a Reliable Plant

New plants can benefit from modern technology to drastically improve their reliability.

Think Long-Term

A plant will live for decades. Because technology progresses at a more rapid rate, it is usually not designed to last this long. This means equipment will need to be replaced multiple times over the life of your plant. We can help  you plan for this in the design phase. We consider technologies that will be  both reliable and flexible into the future. This often means rejecting current fads or trends in favour of more common standards that are durable, maintainable, serviceable and replaceable for decades to come.

Validate Designs

Seek to validate your assumptions and plans along the way. Involve IT experts like OpusV that specialise in the energy sector and can co-create a reliable plant with you. With so many modern proven IT capabilities, ensure your plant is benefiting from these.

Consider People

The quality of your plant design will often be limited by the quality of your designers. Work with people like those at OpusV who have a proven track record blending the old school with the new school to maximise the strengths of both and also manage the risks of both. For energy plants it’s also important to work with engineers experienced in physical metal hardware not just virtual digital environments. Benefit from knowledge in other sectors by choosing people who are skilled in complimentary fields such as Cyber Security, Industrial IT and Datacentres which require high levels of uptime, reliability and security.

Ensure Redundancy

No one thing should be able to cause a plant to fail. In a modern age this is important not just for equipment failure, but for cyber security as well. Thinking about this wholistically means we consider internal systems such as your comms network, and external systems such as your sites network access. Our design ls also prioritise protecting critical plant components to keep your plant running. Many think redundancy means you need to create two of everything. This is not the case in modern IT which brings a host of new tools, technologies and techniques to ensure redundancy without constantly doubling or tripling hardware. The easiest time to design this strategic redundancy into your project is the design phase.

Two people standing and pointing at solar panels they are standing Infront of.
Two people standing and pointing at solar panels they are standing Infront of.

Going Live

Energy plants often exist in remote or rural areas were little infrastructure already exists. Laying this infrastructure may be time consuming and complicated. Benefit from our support navigating this part of your project.

Advanced Mesh Networks

Fibre is not the only option to create a fast and reliable connection to your site or across your site. Benefit from our mesh network technology that can comfortably compliment or replace a fibre connection. This solution is cheaper and can be set up within a matter of weeks instead of the months it takes to run fibre. Where fibre loses connection when the cable is accidentally cut or damaged, our mesh network technology remains running even if entire local network stations go down.

Build Offsite

Building our solutions offsite means we can save time onsite and construct hardware in an environment with large amounts of IT specific resources easily available. This also enables us to more thoroughly test systems and uncover any issues prior to taking the equipment to a remote environment. This approach greatly improves the reliability of any solutions provided.

Reduce Timeframes

Our project process and product offerings can help you reduce your timeframes. Our logistics support can help you lay fibre quicker. Our mesh networks can give you highly reliable connection fast. And our offsite build approach reduces installation time. All of this helps get your plant up and running and generating revenue as fast as possible.

Simplify Logistics

Tasks such as running fibre to your remote site can quickly become complicated. Our experience laying fibre throughout Australia and managing our own fibre networks gives us a logistics edge you can benefit from to help simplify this process.

Reliable Delivery + Installation

Our pre-build and pre-test approach also simplifies hardware delivery and installation. This reduces installation time to a few days and is sometimes as simple as plug and play.

Staying Live

A plant can only make money when it’s live. Even with a resilient design, plants will still need ongoing work to stay live.

Fixing Problems

Ensuring plant reliability often means proactively fixing problems before they occur, or fixing problems quickly while they’re still small. To spot or predict problems early, we can ensure your plant has good monitoring capabilities and maintenance practices.

Making Changes

As a plant ages, changes will be required. This could be to replace a malfunctioning system, to benefit from a new technology, or to meet a new compliance requirement. When making changes to your system, we ensure any new or different equipment doesn’t cause a negative domino effect throughout the rest of the system. We also ensure any relevant documentation is updated to keep these resources relevant and useful.

Two men standing next to a grid of solar panels as they inspect it for issues.
Two men standing next to a grid of solar panels as they inspect it for issues.

Incident Response

It’s inevitable some form of incident will occur eventually threatening to take your plant offline. How prepared you are for this will determine how well any damage the incident causes can be limited.

Two people standing in front of a communications tower at a solar farm while they troubleshoot an issue.
Two people standing in front of a communications tower at a solar farm while they troubleshoot an issue.


Strong plant design, monitoring and maintenance practices will all help prevent an incident from occurring. We can also help you prepare Business Continuity Plans and Incident Response Plans to ensure you’re prepared, are able to protect critical plant function, and can restore full plant functionality as soon as possible. Whilst having all these things in place is important, we can also help ensure you staff are familiar with them and operating at an appropriate level of readiness.

In an Incident

During an incident, you’ll need access to good monitoring capabilities to quickly analyse and diagnose the problem. To support your existing staff, we can provide 24 hour access to high level engineers already familiar with your plant and incident plans. Whilst your plant will have a range of tools to target the issue, we also provide access to a larger toolset to get your plant up and running as quickly as possible.


Having audit trails in place prior to an incident gives you the ability to go back and track how an incident occurred. This data can be used to reflect on the quality of the organisational response and generate a range of learnings. In reviewing these learnings, systems can be improved. Creating a culture of learning and continual improvement can help changes be more readily accepted.

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