Life-Cycle Management Program

A program designed to keep your plant running hassle free for decades to come.

A solar power plant on a rice field at dusk with a car parked on a road in the background.
A solar power plant on a rice field at dusk with a car parked on a road in the background.

Management Plan Advantages

OpusV's Life-Cycle Management Program provides a hassle free wholistic solution that can last the life of your new or existing plant.

Predict equipment failure before it occurs

Our monitoring technologies and technicians make it possible to predict equipment likely to fail before it can cause an expensive incident.

Cover the life of the plant

As a plant ages, maintenance can become more complicated as technology evolves, government requirements change, and spare parts become harder to find. Our Life Cycle Management Program is designed to weather these issues and ensure your plant is covered over its entire duration.

Benefit from sector wide visibility and insights

With access to plants from around Australia we benefit from our experience observing the best and worst that other managers have to offer.

Improved Cybersecurity and Compliance

A better maintained plant is a more secure plant. We can also couple our Life Cycle Management Plan with coverage from our Security and Compliance Umbrella.

Benefit from Tiered Staff

Our management plans benefit from a cost effective tiered structure. Get access to highly skilled specialists without have to pay for them until you need them.

Seamlessly manage multiple plants

Our management plans can become even more cost effective when multiple plants are bundled together. We can do this whilst still taking into consideration the unique ownership or management structures each plant may have.

What we do

The following outlines some of the common activities that make up our Life-Cycle Management Program which can provide you with experienced abs strategic plans, resources and skillsets to ensure your plant runs smoothly.

Keep an asset register of hardware and software

An asset register is far more useful than for just calculating depreciation. A current list of your system provides an ability to anticipate future needs and allows you to quickly respond to product recalls or published security vulnerabilities.

Manage replacement inventory and scheduling

Although the energy sector experiences less technology volatility. As technology evolves, so will the technology demands placed on your plant. This will have trickle on effects to how your equipment will run and be maintained. Inventory management and replacement scheduling can increase in complexity as a plant ages. Our Life-Cycle Management Plans take the hassle out of these issues. We manage your replacement inventory in a way that allows for an evolving ecosystem over a number of decades.

Consider a plants entire lifespan

All equipment has a lifespan. IT technology usually has a much shorter projected lifespan compared to that of an energy plant. Because of this, an energy plant may have every part of its IT systems replaced multiple times over the life of the plant. Whilst this isn’t usually an issue in the first few years, decades later, it can be hard to purchase discontinued hardware or software required. Even if you can access the required outdated technology, it may also be difficult to get it working alongside newly installed modern systems. Navigating this well means designing long term systems and then managing these well. Our Life-Cycle Management Plans take all of this into consideration.

Address new vulnerabilities before they're an issue

At the point of site commissioning, a plant is usually ready to succeed in the world as it is. But of course the world changes. Our Life-Cycle Management Program enables your plants to evolve as required. This means proactively scanning for new issues and vulnerabilities internally and externally and proactively addressing them. Resolving small problems whilst still in their infancy if often the easiest and cheapest way to keep your key systems working smoothly.

Access scalable expertise

We provide different levels of support available for different tasks. Don’t overpay for everyday maintenance whilst at the same time benefit from more skilled monthly checks. In the event of an incident our support quickly escalated to access our teams of advanced engineers available 24/7.

Maintain Documents

As your plant evolves, so should your maintenance documentation. This is why any hardware, software or procedure change also gets updated in the relevant documents. Ensuring your documents are always up to date helps contractors and staff better manage and maintain your plant with greater ease and less error.

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