Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework (AESCSF)

OpusV supports abroad range of clients in the Australian energy sector. As industry regulations change, benefit from our experience helping new and existing cybersecurity programs progress toward compliance with the Australian Energy Sector Cybersecurity Framework.

How we can help

Our expertise lies at the intersection between cybersecurity and the energy sector. With broad-ranging experience in the sector, we have the tools to assist your organisation in adapting to the Australian Energy Sector Cybersecurity Framework (AESCSF).

We provide services ranging from compliance assessment to remediation. Using a process tailored to your organisation’s security profile requirements, OpusV will lead the way toward AESCSF compliance and provide ongoing support once compliance has been achieved.

AESCSF Compliance Audit

We will conduct an audit to determine the current level of compliance at your organisation’s site or sites. This includes a site visit by OpusV experts. Once complete, our experts will present their findings and recommendations, providing your organisation with a path forward.

AESCSF Compliance Planning

Once the compliance audit has been completed, our experts will work with your organisation to build a roadmap toward AESCSF compliance at the maturity level of your choosing. We’ll provide a detailed report, including remediation works OpusV can under take on your behalf.

AESCSF Compliance Documentation

OpusV can provide the documentation required for AESCSF compliance, tailored to your site or sites.

AESCSF Compliance Remediation

Having conducted an audit and provided a detailed compliance report, OpusV is capable of conducting a full cybersecurity remediation for your site or sites. From upgrading outdated hardware to implementing security systems and user identity software, we do it all.

Ongoing Compliance Support

We offer ongoing compliance support. This includes helpdesk support, monitoring devices onsite, vetting and installing updates, hardware lifecycle management, and updating documentation as necessary.

What is the AESCSF?

Australian Energy Sector Cyber Security Framework

The Australian Energy Sector Cybersecurity Framework is a new regulatory structure aimed at ensuring Australia’s energy sector is protected from cybersecurity threats. As of the 17th of August 2023, compliance with the AESCSF is mandatory for all Australian powerplants. Compliance is structured across 3 Maturity Index Levels (MILs) to enable plants to initialise and ramp up their cybersecurity gradually, beginning with ad hoc cybersecurity solutions at MIL-1 and building toward a fully mature cybersecurity program.

Risk Management

the practices involved in identifying, analysing and mitigating cybersecurity risk to the organisation

Cybersecurity Program Management

the administration of a cybersecurity program providing governance, strategic planning, and sponsorship for the organisation’s cybersecurity activities

Asset, Change and Configuration Management

managing and maintaining the organisation’s technological assets with regards to infrastructural risk factors

Identity and Access Management

managing access to the organisation’s assets by the creation and maintenance of secure user identities with relevant access privileges

Information Sharing and Communications

managing the logging and analysis of cybersecurity information across different areas of the plant, contributing to overall situational awareness

Threat and Vulnerability Management

addressing cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities through a process of identification, analysis, management and incident response

Situational Awareness

the creation and maintenance of a common operating picture (COP) by collecting, analysing, communicating, and making best use of operational and cybersecurity information

Event and incident response, continuity of operations

putting processes in place to detect, analyse and respond to cybersecurity events

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