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How to do Maintenance well

Maintenance presents both an opportunity and risk. It creates a moment where issues can be prevented and current systems improved, however it also presents a moment of vulnerability to human error or various security threats.

Be Proactive

Preventative maintenance reduces the likelihood of problems, as well as the cost when they occur.

Maximise Maintenance times

Maintenance can often mean taking equipment offline or temporarily restricting access to key systems or functionality. Think strategically about this disruption by maximising the tasks performed.

Communications is key

Maintenance can involve checking with or changing a variety of systems and stakeholders. It could also temporarily effect people’s normal processes. Effective communication helps everyone stay informed and contribute to what’s happening as required.

Don't forget documents too

In efforts to maintain hardware and software, documents can be overlooked. Ensuring your documentation is up to date and relevant should be a standard part of any maintenance procedure.

Advanced Maintenance Tools

Modern technology has provided a raft of new methods, tools and techniques to better maintain plants for a fraction of the price of old methods. When adopted, these technologies can make maintaining plants faster, easier and more flexible.

Maintenance Dashboards

Dashboards can provide an easy way to interface with the data flowing through your system. This can provide a way of quickly monitoring current system status whilst also accessing historic information. Well designed dashboards can benefit all levels of an organisation from external contractors, maintenance staff to senior management.

Predictive Analysis

Given enough time, most equipment will eventually fail. Rather than waiting for the disruption caused by equipment failure, many plants will automatically replace equipment as it reaches the end of a defined lifespan. However this requires careful estimation. Replace equipment to early and you can waste money, to late and the equipment may spontaneously fail anyway. Using modern technology it is possible to flag when many pieces of equipment are showing signs they will soon fail.

Remote Management

Our management tools enable your plant to be managed from anywhere in the world as long as you have access to Internet. This can include different management tools and dashboards set up for different types of users. This may be useful to support different plant ownership or management structures, or to better provide different roles information and tools useful to them.

Managing Multiple Plants

Boost efficiency by letting us help you better manage multiple plants at once. Batching tasks, uniting management systems where possible, and better scaling practices and procedures can each contribute to both reduced risk and cost.

Join our Life-Cycle Management Program

Take the hassle out of managing your plants Comms and IT network by joining our Life-Cycle Management Program. Find easy and affordable coverage for the life of your plant and rest easy.

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