Security & Compliance Umbrella

Take the stress and complication out of Security and Compliance by joining our Security and Compliance Umbrella.

Coverage Benefits

Being covered by our Security and Compliance Umbrella is a winning formula.

Hassle free Security & Compliance

Outsource the complexities and stress of keeping your plant protected by being covered by our security and Compliance umbrella.

Easy access to skilled staff

Different types of cyber security can require different skillsets. We provide access to all the specialists you may require without the overheads.

Access national knowledge and insights

Benefit from our knowledge generated from working with plants from all around Australia.

Better visibility over new threats

Benefit from our access to plants and other important sectors throughout Australia to better understand current and emerging threats.

Curate updates

Our umbrella program carefully vets any software or hardware updates to reduce the risk of exposure to any known or unknown threats.

Access to more options during an incident

Gain access to a diverse pool of skilled technicians available to respond to any incident.

Provision of best practice documentation

Receive approved documentation, practices and processes tailored to your specific organisation and plant.

Easily respond to new compliance changes

Be notified of upcoming changes and proactively receive an outline of different options and their implications for your perusal.

Cybersecurity Components

Being covered by our Security and Compliance Umbrella means proactively receiving support such as the following:

Monitoring existing systems for new risks

Updating systems based on new threats

Proactively increasing response capacity

Keeping business continuity plans constantly improving

Ensure staff are trained and ready for security incidents

Creating and keeping documentation recent

"OpusV's Security and Compliance Umbrella product provides a trusted cost-effective service allowing our clients to more strategically focus on their core business."

Josh Stuchbery | Managing Director
Lantern Corporation

Compliance Components

Being covered by our Security and Compliance Umbrella means proactively receiving support such as the following:

Active monitoring of new compliance requirements

Automatic reconfiguring of hardware and software

Adjusting processes or procedures

Updating staffing roles and responsibilities

Change management for any new changes required

Documentation creation and maintenance

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